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We do not have any available puppies right now. However, we do have upcoming litters that are due in the new year. You can place a $100 deposit to be placed on the waiting list and Please "like" us on Facebook and keep up with updates and new owner testimonials and photos !

Beaver Valley Doxies is located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. My name is Lida Bellum and I am the owner and breeder of all our dachshunds. They are all AKC and/or ACA registered dogs. They are our pets as well as breeding dogs. We love them all and they are well socialized!  We do have a small kennel for breeding and welping purposes.  It is licensed and inspected twice a year by the Pensylvania dog warden and once a year by the AKC.   A photo is on our about page. Check it out !

All puppies go home with puppy goodie bags (includes food, treat chews, toys, and a health record ), AKC or ACA registration applications, 8 week shots and wormings, a one year health guarantee and a guarantee that you will have a wonderful companion !!

Puppy deposits must be paid on the agreement and deposit page.  A paypal account is NOT necessary.  You can pay with any credit card listed.  No puppy will be held without a deposit.  All deposits are NON- REFUNDABLE Please check with me first to make sure the puppy you want is still available !! Smile

Our Kennel/Home for all the dogs and puppies !!



  • Angel and Chester: Due around the new year.  English Creams. All will be longhairs.  Pet only, no breeding/registration papers.
  • Lilly and Tucker: Due January 13th, possible solids and piebalds, could be smoothcoats or longhairs, ACA registered !
  • Lizzie and Frankie: Due January 15th, possible solids,dapples and piebalds, could be smoothcoat or longhaired, ACA registered !
  • Max and Brandy: Due January 25th, possible smoothcoats and longhairs, reds, light reds, brindles, ACA registered !



A $100 deposit puts you on my waiting list !  You can make your deposit on the agreement and deposit page. Please e-mail me with the kind of puppy you are interested in !

See photos of our parents on parents photo page !!

Look for the "'Beaver Valley Doxies" sign when coming to the kennel !